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Nail Art  

9D Cat Eye

Vixens and Vipers, oh my! Time to take a walk on the wild side with nails that mirror the mysterious magic of the 9D Cat eye.

Tie-Dye 2

Embrace the funk! Get creative with spunky tie-dye nails in electrified neon colors, fun florescent.

Bloom Drop

Set your manicure apart from all the others by using this Bloom Drop to create a design that instantly spreads across the nail surface into a special blooming design.


Tie-Dye nails are the perfect antidote to super-charge a manicure. Easy & fast to create in a variety of colors and unique patterns.


Believe in the power of glitter and sparkle up those nails with your favorite Twinkle Collection.

Magical Magnetic

Create a mystical light-catching Magical Magnetic effect that shifts colors under the change of light attracting all the attention.

Crack It

Give your manicure a distinctive look with an amazingly easy crack effect.